Eventually we’re hoping to make our gallery of London escorts one of the most diverse and interesting among the myriad of other agency websites online today. However, this takes time, and it’s not something we intend to rush by simply throwing up a profile for any girl who applies to us. We’re not going to be picky, but we are certain that we do not want to appear the same as every other agency in London.

That said, if you are an escort looking for representation, do feel free to contact us via our recruitment page. We are happy to consider all applications, regardless of age, shape or size. As it states in our recruitment terms, we’re only really likely to turn down an application if you can’t offer incall and outcall services, or you are not flexible and available. Our clients (like any other agency’s clients) want to be able to book companions for both incalls and outcalls, and they don’t like to have to book too far in advance!

London escorts for everyone!

We are confident that you will find a companion to whom you have a natural attraction however, and we are also confident that whichever companion you choose, you will have a wonderful time. The girls you see here are located all over London. It’s important to remember that they’re not all in Central London either. We do try to represent in as many areas as we can, but again, this will evolve over the space of the coming months as more and more girls join London Desires. You can choose your location from the drop-down menus if you like, or you can choose your London escort based on category, or “type”, whichever you want to call it.

Call London Desires if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help. We are a British agency, with English speaking receptionists, and we’re very friendly, so don’t be shy!


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